About MCA21


MCA21 project is designed to fully automate all processes related to the proactive enforcement and compliance of the legal requirements under the Companies Act, 1956. This will help the business community to meet their statutory obligations. The major components involved in this comprehensive e-Governance project are Front Office and Back Office. From the customer perspective, the Front Office operations assume significance, which would be administered through the Front Office portal. The entire Back Office operations of the MCA would be automated so as to achieve the objective of a user-friendly computerized environment. MCA portal is the single point of contact for all MCA related services, which can be easily accessed over the Internet by all users.


The project also envisages a cost-effective integrated software solution for computerizing various in-house functions like Human Resources Management, Payroll, Accounting and Finance for internal users (employees) of MCA.


Adopting international best practices, MCA21 application adds immense value to the stakeholders. The following points highlight the project’s invaluable importance:

         Enable the business community to register a company and file statutory documents quickly and easily.

         Public will get easy access to relevant records and get their grievances redressed effectively.

         Professionals will be able to offer efficient services to their client companies.

         Financial institutions will find registration and verification of charges easy.

         MCA will ensure proactive and effective compliance with relevant laws and corporate governance.

         Employees will be enabled to deliver best of breed services.


Figure 1: Context Diagram of MCA Portal


The re-engineered electronic forms, also called e-Forms, are capable of helping the citizens in the process of filling the information electronically. Lifecycle of e-Forms, the key interface to most MCA transactions, is automated from submission to the delivery of services requested therein. It covers dissemination of e-Forms in a reliable manner, efficient filling of information by eliminating re-entering data submitted in the past, electronic payment for and delivery of services as requested in the e-Forms. The business community can also track the status of their e-filing online.

The capability to automate the e-Form processing has also been extended to the Back Offices to meet the service levels committed to the business community. The e-Forms and attached documents, all in electronic format, are automatically assigned to the MCA staff and the progress tracked until the service is delivered to the citizens. 

Besides e-Form service delivery to the business community, the MCA system includes tools for the analysis of corporate data for proactive surveillance and prosecution resulting in efficient investor protection.